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5 January 2015


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One Night Stand

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Kinmoku is the online alias of Lucy Blundell, an award-winning independent games developer aiming to create narrative-driven experiences that are both meaningful and intimate. Her first game, the popular visual novel One Night Stand, was released on PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.


After five years at Electronic Arts, helping hundreds of indie developers successfully launch their mobile titles, Kinmoku left to pursue her dream of creating her own video games as an independent developer in 2015. Inspired by human emotions, interactions and beauty found all around, Kinmoku sets out to create narrative-driven experiences that focus on intimate feelings. Her games show players a different, softer side of gaming where sincerity, introspection and human relations replace action, fantasy and power. Kinmoku’s first game, One Night Stand, explored the actions of players thrust into an awkward “morning after” scenario. One Night Stand found a following among gamers, became a hit with many prolific YouTubers, and even received a nomination at the Indie Games Festival 2017 for Excellence in Narrative. Currently, Kinmoku is working on her next title Memories (working title), a visual novel that asks how much we should let our pasts define our futures.



One Night Stand - Release Trailer YouTube

One Night Stand - Steam Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Women in Games Awards 2017 - WINNER New Development Talent" -
  • "PCR Top 30 Women in Mobile 2015" -
  • "University of Salford MediaCityUK Digital Animation and Gaming Prize - WINNER Best Creative Concept" -

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