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24 March, 2016 (Game jam version) 20 October 2016 (Full version) 7 November 2016 (Steam version)

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​After a night of fun, passion, and one too many drinks, you wake up the next morning to find a complete stranger lying naked beside you in bed. What do you do? In One Night Stand, explore the unknown bedroom and seek out clues to identify who the stranger is and what happened to bring you both together. You may resort to some unusual methods to find the answers you’re looking for, but take care not to prod and pry too much – a nosy guest quickly becomes an unwanted one! Will you stay and explore your relationship with this stranger, or will you escape when the opportunity presents itself? With 12 unique endings to discover, can you keep up the act long enough to find out what really happened?


One Night Stand is Kinmoku's first ever released game. The original version of One Night Stand was developed in just 24 days and released in March 2016 for the Nanoreno game jam. All of the acting for the main character's rotoscoped animations was filmed and acted by Kinmoku herself! Since launch, the original version of One Night Stand has been one of the top games on itch.io. One Night Stand was greenlit on Steam Greenlight in just eight days and has received over 18,000,000 views from Let's Plays including videos from PewDiePie, Markiplier, jacksepticeye and many other prominent YouTubers. On October 20th, the full version of One Night Stand was released exclusively on itch.io.


  • Life-like rotoscope animations
  • Hand-drawn artwork
  • An interactive story where your choices matter
  • 12 different endings that reveal new insights into what really happened
  • Point-and-click investigations
  • An original soundtrack
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Playable in English, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and French


Release Trailer YouTube

Steam Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "One Night Stand is a unique example of a videogame showing that physical interactions aren’t always the ultimate goal towards building a lasting partnership, but rather the quiet, awkward conversations we have in getting to know one another."
    - Emad Ahmed, New Statesman
  • "What an interesting subject... Bizarre, admittedly, very bizarre!"
    - Mark Fischbach, Markiplier
  • "The really striking thing about One Night stand is how well it captures that feeling of awkwardness and vulnerability that often (but not always) follows a one night stand."
    - Johnny Chiodini, Eurogamer
  • "One Night Stand is a small, polished slice of what feels like a real human interaction."
    - Gita Jackson, Kotaku
  • "This intimate and lifelike tale shows us a different, softer side to gaming."
    - Nevada Dru, Gamertime
  • "What One Night Stand does differently from other games featuring either adults-only playtime or multiple-choice pathways (or both): It neither treats sex with absolute reverence, nor does it treat it like something you have to sneak a peek at under the covers because it's so filthy."
    - Kate Gray, Waypoint
  • "This is the kind of indie experimental experience that proves games really can cover a gamut of emotions that mainstream design tends to avoid like the plague."
    - Jason D'Aprile, Playboy
  • "The animations are incredibly well done and the art style goes well beyond the standard you would expect from a lone first-time developer."
    - Philip Aldous, Indie Haven
  • "An excellent job is done of creating a morning after scenario containing two characters at their most vulnerable. The awkwardness and tension are a very real feeling you'll experience whilst playing."
    - Carl Stevens, iHeartIndieGames
  • "More awkwardness in games!"
    - Brendan Caldwell, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "[One Night Stand]'s distinctive visuals and unique theme ensures it stands out as one of the finer examples of Western otome."
    - Jennifer Allen, Waypoint

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A Momentary Pause with Lucy Blundell
Kinmoku joins A Momentary Pause (podcast) to discuss gamifying a random hook-up, starting stories en media res, and the sad young man on a train who inspired the story. indiehaven.com.

Interview: Lucy Blundell
We (Indie Hangover) had the opportunity to talk with One Night Stands creator, Lucy Blundell recently, and to ask her about where this game came from, why she chose to use this unique art style, and to learn a bit more about her background as an independent game developer. indiehangover.com.

Heartwarming Smiles - How One Night Stand Creates An Emotional Bond With Its Main Character
Many likely will want to get to know her, as Blundell creates an instant bond between the player and the woman using visual style, the gameplay, and the environment around the player to paint a picture of an interesting person with a delightful grin, charming players and drawing them in to know more. indiegames.com.

Lucy Blundell on her highly original visual novel One Night Stand
Many of us have had a morning where it’s been difficult to piece together what happened the night before. It’s typically awkward, and that’s before the potential prospect of waking up in a stranger’s bed with no clue as to how you got there. That’s the issue for the protagonist of One Night Stand, a new visual novel from one-woman indie games studio Kinmoku. remeshed.com.

X To Talk: Lucy Blundell
Lucy Blundell’s One Night Stand refreshingly eschews the whole courting sequence altogether and focuses on what happens in the morning after. And, it's all the more sobering for it. pressxtotalk.com.

The game piecing together your awkward one night stand
Lucy Blundell is the creator of One Night Stand, an interactive video game exploring the highs and lows of these brief romantic encounters. dazeddigital.com.

About Kinmoku

Kinmoku is the online alias of Lucy Blundell, an award-winning independent games developer aiming to create narrative-driven experiences that are both meaningful and intimate. Her first game, the popular visual novel One Night Stand, was released on PC, Mac and Linux in 2016.

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